The Harley Street Nutritionist Clinic, Harley Street

1-7 Harley Street
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The Harley Street Nutritionist Clinic, Clerkenwell

45 Central Street
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I also offer Skype and FaceTime consultations and happily see international clients.


You can have as many or as few consultations as you feel you need. Some clients I see once and others I have been providing support to for over a year. It’s entirely up to you.

The first one or two sessions I recommend to be full sessions (50mins, £150) as there’s usually a lot to cover, but after that we can have shorter follow-up sessions (25mins, £90) if you feel that’s enough.

What to expect at The Harley Street Nutritionist Clinic

The way the session usually works is we look at your diet and lifestyle, see where we can make some changes and come up with a plan to help you achieve your goals. After the session I will email you a summary of the plan along with any supporting information we discuss.

I offer email and telephone support between consultations.